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Consulting, Design, development and implementation.

VisioBlock is a consulting company specializing in Consulting, Solution Design, Development and Implementation of Blockchain technology.

This technology offers fields of application in all industries (proof of ownership system, traceability of flows and products, supplier-distributor relations, services, etc.).

We work with companies of different sizes, from startups to large corporates, including governments, particularly in the health, banking, transport, insurance, distribution, and industry sectors.

The most frequently covered topics are supply chain and logistics (traceability, maintenance), financial services (KYC, multi-currency payment, creation of cryptocurrencies) and marketing (loyalty programs).

Deeply skilled in all aspects of current and emerging technologies, our 15 experts advise and work with you to ensure every application and service can be deployed and managed where it makes the most sense.

Our team of experts is made up of Engineers, Mathematicians, cryptographs, and Analysts, with an average of 4/5 years of experience, adding up to more than 50 years of experience.

Anticipate market offers, do you want support to understand, evaluate, design, and exploit its potential?

We are at your disposal to provide you with the most appropriate response to your questions or needs, whether you are a startup, a large company, or an SME.


Specialized work team members


Years of accumulated experience

What we do

Our approach is based on 4 points:

1 . Get away from any technological consideration and stay focused on the problem you want to solve in your business.

2 . Our ability to provide an "end-to-end" solution from the idea to the start of operational production or even on a very specific need if you are familiar with this technology.

3 . Do you want to integrate digital transformation into your business thinking and blockchain is part of it?

4 . We master most of the main current Blockchain technologies (Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS) and emerging ones (Chia), allowing us an agnostic technical approach focused on your needs.

Our approach therefore consists in proposing an upstream consulting phase through an opportunity study taking into account the following parameters which are a prerequisite for the launch of a new project:

  • Relevance of the use cases
  • Nature of the ecosystem and its governance
  • Privacy and data security
  • Business case


Blockchain: Development

Service 1

Enterprise Blockchain

Golang + gRPC + Microservices + Hyperledger or Quorum

Service 2

Dapps & DeFi

Ethereum + Solidity + Truffle Suite + Openzeppelin + API Rest +Chia +ChiaLisp

Service 3

Blockchain Optimizacion

Rust + Websocket + Substrate

Service 5


web3.js, Python, API Rest

Blockchain consulting

Service 1

Requirements analysis, documentation and validation.

Service 2

Architecture design and documentation.

Service 3

System design and documentation.


VisioBlock is a consulting firm specializing in skills transfer, development and implementation of Blockchain technology. This technology offers a very diversified field of applications (system of proof, traceability of flows, relations with suppliers and distributors, new partnerships or services, etc.) and market offers are changing rapidly, and many organizations are expressing the need for support to understand , assess, design and exploit its potential

Feature 1


Feature 2


Feature 3


Feature 4


Feature 4


Feature 4


Feature 4


Feature 4



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    Desktop wallet .NET .Generic application using an adaptable plug-in mechanism for cryptocurrency & blockchain projects.

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    Fintech & Jewelry market


    Blockchain backed tracking/trade gold assets system with custom made cold wallet.

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    Decentralized finance platform design consultant and smart contract development for Hyperledger (Golang) and Ethereum (Solidity).

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    Fintech & DEX


    (Crypto) Automated cross-exchange arbitrage system viability evaluation.

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    Industry 4.0


    (External service) Golang Engineer and Hyperledger Fabric Chaincode Developer in a supply traceability system in collaboration with supply companies that allows full control between the parties of the traceability of the items.

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    Desing and development of Voting System using Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology.

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    “Decentralized System for the control of the Drug Distribution Chain Biotech Company".

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    Cybersecurity, IAM Insdustry


    Desing and development for a new approach to decentralized identity management in Hyperledger Fabric blockchain technology.

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    Goland engineering for a decentralized digital payments platform using Hyperledger Fabric architecture with Ethereum wallets and digital signature.

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    Gamming Industry


    Services subcontracted:

    • Hyperledger Fabric Engineer.
    • Smart contract developer using Golang.
    • Unit testing using Ginkgo, Gomega and Fabric CCKit.
    • Algorithm for market prediction of NFTs pricing and medias using Python.
    • NFT ranking algorithm and service using AI in Python.

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    Crypto Farming


    (Crypto) Inhouse CHIA farm setup and operation.

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    Marketing, Fintech & Brands


    Consulting , Analisis and System Design for a rewards system with stable coin cryptocurrency (SonicCoin):

    • Blockchain selection
    • Coin design
    • Multiplatform wallet
    • Legacy database systems integration